Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling book about the difference in mindset between the poor, middle class, and rich.

The majority of people (even the "educated") experience financial problems because they have not learned how the rich acquired their wealth and continue to make it grow.

In this book, Robert Kiyosaki shares how he learned some of the best lessons of wealth from his friend's father through comparing the difference between what his biological father (poor dad) and friend's father (rich dad) taught him.

The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad is based mostly on the education Robert Kiyosaki received from his rich father in Hawaii.

The book describes the different ways of perceiving and using money.

Although the book helps readers, the existence of Robert Kiyosaki's rich father has been questioned many times, since the author uses many signs.

Many people even claim that the Rich Father is the founder of the Hawaii stores, ABC Stores.

Robert has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people, around the world, think about money and investing and he has become a global advocate for financial education and the path to financial freedom.

Rich Dad Poor Dad (and the Rich Dad series it spawned) has sold over 36 million copies in English and translated editions around the world.

Did the author have two fathers?

Supposedly the author had a poor father and a rich father, although many versions have emerged about the actual existence of the latter. It is still a mystery.

His poor father was a university student and intellectual.

"He considered that the ideal was to study hard, get a degree and be employed to lead a quiet life in which you lack nothing.

Sound familiar? He thought that talking about money was something dirty and vulgar, and the only thing he wanted was to devote himself to his job. A quiet life without fuss.

His rich father did not complete almost any studies, but he liked to educate himself through his practice and that of others in economic matters. 

He considered money a normal part of life, talked about it naturally and, in short, was a thinking and inquiring mind that was always looking for solutions. Mainly to make money work for him.

Six major lessons of Rich dad, poor dad

  • The rich don’t work for money
  • The importance of financial literacy
  • Minding Your own business
  • Taxes and corporations
  • The rich invent money
  • The need to work to learn and not to work for money


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